Catching a Glimpse Into The History Of Hoops

December 1, 2016


Amazingly classy and trendy, hoop earrings complement almost all your outfits be it a prom dress, formal attire or ethnic wear. But, do you know where hoops came from or what lies in the bygone times of hoops.  I’m sure this thought should have never crossed your mind…Today I’m going to walk you through the history of hoops so that you fall in love with your hoop jewellery once again.


The Hoop Earring…The Times of Glory

Hoops have been around for centuries and have been donned by women of all cultures and civilizations. Perhaps, its use can be dated back to ancient Greece, Rome and Sumer.

The journey of hoops has come a long way with first ever earring associated with the first ancient urban civilization—the Sumerian civilization, the present-day Iraq. Afterwards, they gained popularity in Greece, Egypt, and Rome.


Having a very long, meaningful past, the hoops are known to have an extraordinary craftsmanship and finesse. While contemporary hoop jewellery no longer looks like what they’ve in past, they still remain women’s favourite.


While no one knows who first created the hoop earring, I am glad someone did! And, just like me you’ll also be grateful to the person who rocked the first set hoops :) .  There was a time when hoops were symbolic of sexuality and only African-American crowd and those involved in sex business wore them. But, we are fortunate they moved away from the direction and are a must-have fashion accessory for every women who wants to look and feel beautiful.


The Design…Women Love It


Easily recognizable, the hoop earrings are known for their simple design—circular and semi-circular resembling a ring. Though fist-sized, swaying hoops carry a plain design, you get a good numbers of varieties to choose from.  Fancy, Classic, Diamond Cut, Satin, Endless, Twisted, and Square Tube are some of the top contenders for hoops: 


For those who don’t recognize the draw of hoops, here’s a quick brief:



Curved, slick, and squared, these hoop earrings contain all kinds of fancy shapes.



The most familiar hoops, these are available in various sizes and widths.


Diamond Cut

A unique, flawless design, these contain diamond cut with designs spanning from floral, dots to print.



This jewellery boasts of satin-looking polished finish and are shinier than regular ones.



Looking like an infinite circle, these earrings contain no clear-cut clasp.



These earrings have a circular, twisted design like a rope and come in cuffs instead of latch or hook.


Square Tube

They have a round shape with hoop in square shape.


Remember hoops aren’t sleazy, they’re bold.  So, lovelies let’s give this piece of jewellery the importance they are worthy of, because just like diamonds, hoops are forever.



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