Earn $$$$

Selling jewellery from Dream Life is a perfect idea to make money and start a business of your own. You don't need special experience or training. It's a powerful money making idea; with a lot of  potential - and no pyramid schemes, franchise fees or strings attached. Where you go with it is up to you, to take as far as your ambition leads, whether that's a sideline home business or a successful chain of retail stores. Great retail empires have started from such humble beginnings - with just a simple idea to make money. The key is to find that potent money making idea, and 18k electroplated gold jewellery from Dream Life is an excellent

                                                    choice: a quality wholesale product with strong, popular appeal, yet at a price point low enough to sell quickly at high volume and still make you a handsome profit. 


Become a Business Partner


With this method, you purchase items at wholesale prices.  You will receive 50% OFF our suggested retail price.  The profits you wish to make are entirely up to you.  Contact us for further details. Click here to see some of our active Business Partners.


Become a Stockist


With this method, you must already have a thriving business.  We will give you stock on consignment and you will receive 25% of all sales.  Contact Us for further information.


Become a Stylist


With this method, we give you stock which you must sell at our suggested retail price.  You will receive a commission of 20% on all sales.  Click here to fill out the application form.


Become an Affiliate


With this method, there is no need for you to carry any stock.  We do that for you!  Just sign up you will receive a unique coupon which you can place on your website, social media pages or in emails.  When customers purchase from us due to your marketing efforts you will receive up to 10% on all sales.  Click here to sign up.