You've Taken The Leap... Congratulations!

Welcome to the Dream Life Designer Mastermind registration page.  


Please complete the form labeled Online Payment if you are paying with a credit card/Paypal.


In the address area, please insert NA for State and 00000 for Postal/Zip Code.  If you don't have a credit card/Paypal account, please complete the registration form labeled Offline Payment.  Payment can be made to:


Bank Name:  First Citizens Bank Limited

Account Name:  Dream Life Distributors Limited

Account#:  1867351

Amount:  TT$4045.40 or three (3) payments of TT$1350


Or visit me:  Upstairs Shop#22 Golden Doors Plaza, Frederick Street, Port of Spain


Please feel free to call me at 685-5678 to discuss other payment options or email