April 23, 2018

It’s Administrative Professionals Week! As business owner I can tell you, a good administrative professional is the backbone of the office.  He/She performs a variety of tasks including but not limited to scheduling, managing supplies, writing correspondence, handling calls, making travel arrangemen...

April 6, 2018

Cleaning your jewellery might just end up being such a satisfying task to check off your to do list this month. Imagine your numerous pieces of jewellery sparkling like new, ready to reflect the beautiful Caribbean sun or lighting from your favourite club :).

Here are our top four tips for clean...

April 3, 2018

Oh my goodness, Calypso Girls was especially hilarious and truly entertaining!  Featuring some of the best actors in Trinidad & Tobago - Cecilia Salazar, Errol Fabien, Susan Hannays-Abraham (now replaced by Penelope Spencer), Patti-Ann Ali and Marie Chan-Durity, The Calypso Girls was written by Chri...

September 19, 2017

It's my birth month folks and I thank God and the Universe for blessing me with a wonderful family, a business and loyal customers like you. When I look back on my life and at the challenges I've had to overcome to be where I am today, I know I couldn't have survived them without the positive people...

August 7, 2017


For those who were born in the month of August the Peridot is the traditional birthstone. The August birthstone is associated with - love, truth, faithfulness and loyalty. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties are fame, dignity, and protection.


The healing properties of the birthston...

July 27, 2017


"The gleaming Ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born,
For thus they'll be exempt and free,
From lover's doubts and anxiety."

For those who were born in the month of July the Ruby is the traditional birthstone. The July birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the...

July 3, 2017

Got your ears pierced recently but don’t know how to care for them? Or, are you having a hard time keeping them clean, painless and infection-free?

March 31, 2017

If you have problems with a skin rash, redness, swelling, itching or burning in areas where you are wearing jewellery, you may have a nickel allergy.

March 7, 2017

We always love having a reason to stay connected with our favourite customers.  That's why we're so excited to announce our new promotion starting Friday 10th March 2017 - Flash Sale Friday!  

Flash Sale Friday is our way of thanking you, our loyal customers who we hope would be delighted to rec...

January 10, 2017

Are you someone who’s reaching for that clunky beaded and bedazzled statement necklace in a "recession"?

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